Black Experience Mural

Before and after images of the murals restoration by a team of four that included Oscar along with 2 other students from UCLA’s art school and an art conservator. The mural was  covered with a false wall in 1992 to accommodate a chain restaurant. In 2010 a student rediscovered the mural and worked alongside many individuals to make the restoration of this mural possible.

The Black Experience

Ackerman Union Mural

“The Black Experience” mural, Ackerman Union, 1970. Painted in the aftermath of protest and riots after four students had been killed at Kent State University in Ohio, after being fired upon by members of the Ohio National Guard that left graffiti on the walls of the student union.

The mural was covered since 1992 by a false wall. Oscar will be working with experts from  the Getty and the Fowler Museum in helping with the restoration which begins next week and last approximately 2 months.