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The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (LAMAG), City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, and LAMAG Associates present
A Biennial Providing Artists with a Competitive 
Opportunity to Exhibit Their Work 

Carol Cheh, Mike McGee, and Aram Moshayedi

July 28 to September 22, 2013


Opening Reception 

Sunday, July 28, 2013,
2 to 5 pm

Hosted by LAMAG Associates

74 works of art by 46 artists selected from more than 900 artworks submitted by 368 artists. Best in Show, second, third place winners, honorable mentions, and the LAMAGA Award recipient will be announced at 3 pm at the Opening Reception.



Shiva Aliabadi, A.S. Ashley, Sarah Barnard, Anne Baumgartner, Todd Becraft, Nathan Bell, Mattia Biagi, Liza Hennessey Botkin, Nina Castro, Chais, Andrew K. Currey, Chris Dyson, Marc Fichou, Cynthia Friedlob, Matthew Miles Grayson, Beth Herzhaft, Randi Hokett, Romine Jaklin, Shannnon Keller, Manny Krakowski, Nadia Kusmajadi, Olga Lah, Madam X, Ceres Madoo, Oscar Magallanes, Lauren Marsolier, Tanner McCardle, Zoran Milosavljevic, Mike Mollett, Donna Morin, Keiko Nakagawa, Arshak Nazarian, Emily NyBurg, Joe O’Neill, Linda Sue Price, Jeff Rau, Melissa Reischman, Javier Rosales, Neil Shigley, Jacqueline Suskin, Lisa Talbot, Phoebe Sarason, Ricard Turner, Valerie Wilcox, Darlyn Susan Yee, and Tom Zou.


Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery

Barnsdall Park
4800 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Estampas de la Raza opens in Albuquerque, NM

The Albuquerque Museum of Art and History


Estampas de la Raza: Contemporary Prints from the Romo Collection

July 6 to Sept. 29, 2013

This survey of Latino and Chicano printmakers chronicles the late 1960s at the outset of the Chicano Movement to the confident expressions of the 2000s. The prints represent the issues of self identity, the Chicano struggle for social, economic, and political equality, traditions and memories that keep the culture alive, icons—secular and spiritual—that serve as signposts for the community, and other points of view that suggest new directions for evolution of the culture.

Estampas de la Raza: Contemporary Prints from the Romo Collection comprises more than 60 prints chronicling the Latino experience in the U.S. The exhibition covers five distinct themes: “Identity,” “Struggle,” “Tradition, Culture, Memory,” “Icons,” and “Other Voices.” The exhibit features 44 artists, including John A. Hernandez, Luis Alfonso Jiménez, Oscar Magallanes, Leticia V. Huerta, Juan Miguel Ramos, Alex Rubio, Vincent Valdez, Joe Lopez, Michael Menchaca, Rolando Briseño, and Celina Hinojosa do San Antonio.

“West Coast Machiavelli”


Printed at Modern Multiples

Medium: Serigraph
Colors: 6, Hand Pulled
Substrate: Coventry Rag 320 g/sm
Size: 36.5″ x 36″
Signed and Numbered Edition: 49

Available here.

Oscar at Modern Multiples Studios

  • Oscar_Magallanes_002
  • Oscar_Magallanes_001
  • Oscar_Magallanes_003
  • Oscar_Magallanes_004
  • Oscar_Magallanes_005
  • Oscar_Magallanes_006
  • Oscar_Magallanes_008
  • Oscar_Magallanes_009
  • Oscar_Magallanes_010
  • Oscar_Magallanes_011
  • Oscar_Magallanes_012
  • West Coast Machiavelli
    West Coast Machiavelli

Serie Project

Pics by photographer Scott David Gordon of the printing process at the Serie Project during my artist residency.

  • Oscar_Magallanes_01
  • Oscar_Magallanes_03
  • Oscar_Magallanes_09
  • Oscar_Magallanes_02
  • Oscar_Magallanes_05
  • Oscar_Magallanes_06
  • Oscar_Magallanes_08
  • Oscar_Magallanes_10
  • Oscar_Magallanes_12
  • Oscar_Magallanes_13
  • Oscar_Magallanes_19
  • Oscar_Magallanes_14
  • Oscar_Magallanes_18
  • Oscar_Magallanes_17
  • Oscar_Magallanes_16
  • Oscar_Magallanes_15
  • #nimexica #serieproject #coronadostudios #samcoronado #scottdgordon
  • 130605_SDG164861
  • Oscar_Magallanes_07
  • Oscar_Magallanes_11
  • 130605_SDG165075
  • 130605_SDG164928

Scott’s website: www.panorama365.com

Serie Project


Was happy to visit Austin and the do a quick residency with the people over at the Serie Project. Big thank you to Sam Coronado. Here are some pics of the trip. I’ll post some more soon.

  • IMG_2099
  • IMG_2104
  • IMG_2107
  • IMG_2109
  • IMG_2111
  • IMG_2112
  • IMG_2113
  • IMG_2118
  • IMG_2121
  • IMG_2122
  • 4th color
  • IMG_2129

Migration Now Print

As a delegate for the Culture/Strike in 2011 that visited Arizona’s border along with many fellow artist, writers and activist, Oscar was asked to contribute to the Migration Now print portfolio. Here is the accompanying text to his print.

Magallanes has spent many years painting the ubiquitous street vendor or the man selling fruit on the corner, the very same people he says have been scapegoated as “parasites sucking the economy dry. We are told this as we watch the bank bailouts. At least the street vendor is actually moving a product and puts money right back into the economy,” Magallanes said. “We need to think about the fair and equal treatment of all individuals, especially those who embody the American dream of coming to the U.S. to flee poverty and persecution, which is usually the result of failed U.S. foreign policy.”

Migration_Now_American_Dream Print

Ave 50

Ave 50

The Ave 50 Studio is proud to present Oscar Magallanes and Ricardo Estrada in a two-person show opening on Saturday, April 13th (7pm-10pm). Magallanes and Estrada have gained quite a reputation as young, up-and-coming Angelenos making noise in the art world. Please come out for what will most certainly be a fresh and exciting show.


Oscar Magallanes:

Oscar’s recent work is an ongoing series of portraits that serves as a mapping of the artist’s own psyche through his cultural, historical and political influences. Titled “Heuristic” the portraits also serve as an exploration of the make up of popular culture and people’s movements.

Ricardo Estrada:

Humanist artist, Ricardo Estrada, paints portraits of the downtrodden. Yet, in lieu of passing judgement, his work portrays honorable and distinguished pride.

Avenue 50 Studio, Inc.
a 501(c)(3) non-profit art gallery
131 North Avenue 50
Los Angeles, Ca 90042

Avenue 50 Studio is supported in part by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission; the California Community Foundation; the Department of Cultural Affairs; and The James Irvine Foundation


Serie Project

Serie Logo

Oscar has been selected to participate in the XX atelier with the Serie Project as the resident artist in early May in Austin.

About Serie

The Serie Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the fine art of serigraphy – a technique that produces original, hand-pulled prints. The organization offers an Artist in Residence (AIR) program that allows participants to learn the technique and create a limited edition of prints, under the guidance of a Master Printer. Hoping to increase the presence of minorities in the art world, the Serie Project encourages multi-racial participation and two-third of all resident artists are Latino.

A large part of the Serie Project’s mission is to market the prints created by its resident artists.  Print sales promote the artists’ careers and support the program’s operational costs.  Each edition of prints is priced at minimum so that the organization may offer original artwork to the public at an affordable price.

The Serie Project was founded in 1993 by Austin artist Sam Coronado, and has hosted more than 250 residencies to date.


Localist Features LA/SA

LA/SA is featured in this promo clip of the Localist San Antonio.