Highways & Byways

Residency Art Gallery is extremely pleased to present 3B Collective’s group exhibition Highways & Byways. This exhibition will run from October 23rd through December 18th. The opening reception will take place on Saturday, October 23rd, 2021 from 6pm to 9pm.

Members of the 3B Collective that will contribute to Highways & Byways include Alfredo Diaz, Aaron Estrada, Michael Khosravifard, Gustavo Martinez and Oscar Magallanes. @3bcollective @nimexica @aarondestrada @michael_nimaaa @los.angeles.film @mdnght_toker With the current conversation around the environment, systemic racism, and monuments along with unseen labor, this exhibition uses massive infrastructure projects like freeways and megadevelopments as the nexus in addressing issues of erasure and equity in our communities. We look at the parallel histories of various Los Angeles communities that have become the victims of “progress” and the aesthetics that arise from colonialism, concrete, cultural iconography, and lowrider custom car culture. The connection between urban renewal and gentrification is undisputed. The works presented serve to facilitate a visual conversation between the works and the viewer with their disparate cultural iconography and representations of urban landscapes. The relationship that develops between the aesthetics that arise from urban renewal, and megadevelopments questioning both the construction of these icons, structures, and stadiums and what lies beneath them both physically and ideologically.